3 Maintenance Tips for Your Gas Furnace

There’s nothing quite like pushing a button and instantly enjoying the warmth and glow of a fire in your gas fireplace. In order to safely use your home’s gas fireplace, it’s important to maintain the firebox, chimney, and other essential components. Use these three maintenance tips to keep your fireplace safe and efficient in Reading, PA.

1. Vacuum Dirt

Dust, biological growth, pet dander, and dirt can settle around the gas logs and lava rocks in your fireplace. Use a handheld vacuum or a wet/dry vacuum to remove this debris once a month. While you’re vacuuming, check the logs and rocks for cracks or other damage. Throw away any pieces that are cracked, and replace them before lighting your next fire.

2. Clean the Screen

Although natural gas burns without soot, some grime will collect on the fireplace’s screen and surround. Only clean these areas when they’re cold. Use the proper type of cleaner to clean these surfaces. If your fireplace has a marble or granite surround, don’t use glass cleaner on them.

3. Schedule an Annual Cleaning

The rest of the maintenance required by a gas fireplace should be done by a licensed professional. A professional will check the gas supply valve, ignition, and other components. The flue should also be cleaned and inspected once per year. If the flue runs up a chimney, be sure to have the bricks, mortar, and flashing inspected. Missing or loose flashing or mortar could cause corrosion of the metal flue liner.

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