These Terms and Conditions will be applicable to Comfort Pro, Inc. (CPI)
Premium PACT Plus is a Parts & Labor Agreement that may be added to your PACT Maintenance Agreement Only.

1. Simply speaking…all working parts of the heating and air conditioning piece of equipment is covered.

2. Electronic refrigerant leak search. Leak repair on refrigerant line set only.

3. 1 lb. of refrigerant for life of the equipment. (R22, 410A)

1. This agreement sets forth the entire agreement between Comfort Pro, Inc. and the Equipment Owner and cannot be changed without written approval from Comfort Pro, Inc. and promises made by any person not contained in this document are not part of this agreement.

2. This agreement is automatically cancelled if the equipment is removed from the address identified on the face of this document.

3. Any material and/or work beyond that covered by the terms of this agreement will be furnished at the Equipment Owner’s expense.

4. CPI will NOT be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from delay in rendering repairs by the terms of this agreement, and in no event is CPI liable for incidental or consequential damages.

5. CPI is allowed to perform two regularly scheduled PACT (purchased separately) preventative maintenance checks each year. Failure to allow the preventative maintenance voids this agreement.

6. The decision of whether to repair or replace a defective part and the selection of the replacement part rest exclusively with CPI. CPI is not responsible for obtaining obsolete or unavailable parts. Material and labor cost to alter existing equipment or piping to be adapted for replacement parts in the above circumstances will be borne by the customer.

7. If equipment is inaccessible or unsafe for service by one technician, the customer must pay for additional personnel at prevailing rates. CPI assumes no liabilities for either the quality or condition of the water or for any damage that it may cause to the covered equipment or to any other property or fixture of customer or any other person or entity. If the equipment under coverage is moved anytime during the coverage period, the service contract is void.

The remaining duration of your agreement may be transferred to a new owner should you sell the property. To transfer the agreement, mail a written request with a transfer fee of $ 25.00 to:
Comfort Pro, Inc.
109 Dries Road
Reading, PA 19605

A reproduction of the agreement will be sent to the succession owner registered in their name.

1. CPI is the only provider allowed to service or maintenance the equipment covered under this warranty for the term or the warranty is void.

2. All service and repairs NOT covered by this agreement are the responsibility of owner.

3. Provide Comfort Pro, Inc. free access to equipment and controls, move any stock, fixtures, & partitions to facilitate the work by CPI.

5. Your equipment must be working up to manufacturing specification before this agreement is valid. Any required repairs to do so are owner’s responsibility.

1. Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Coils, hydronic pipes, oil tanks, oil equipment. Other equipment not listed on the signed face of this agreement.

2. Repairs to correct failures or malfunctions that are not considered manufacturing defects, such as damage or malfunction from fire, flooding, water, storms, earthquakes, faulty power supply, theft,
misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, or improper authorized service from another provider other than CPI.

3. Repairs to alter the equipment or installation to meet Federal, State, or Local codes or regulations.

4. Any work or service NOT performed by CPI as part of this agreement.

5. Any repair required on a unit in which the age of the equipment exceeds fifteen (15) years.

6. Failure of the owner not to allow CPI preventative maintenance to occur.

7. Equipment over 15 years is not eligible for this agreement.

8. This agreement covers no more than two circulators and two standard thermostats per contract, piping to and from boilers including all valves, flow checks, drains, and auto water feeds are not covered by this plan. Nor does it cover work from faulty design or installation.

9. Refrigerant will not be covered after initial free lb is added. (R22, R410)

10. CPI reserves the right to reject any application or cancel the contract and refund the agreement price paid if the covered equipment does not comply with the provisions of the agreement.