Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

fall choresThe summer season is ending and we are soon approaching fall and winter. With these seasons comes the cold weather and you don’t want to find out you’re without heat when it’s too late! Keeping your heat system serviced and repaired is more than just a suggestion in our eyes. Since you don’t use your heating system until it’s cold, you have no idea if it will actually turn on or not. Most people don’t understand that when you don’t use the system for so long it will put an extreme strain on it when the time comes to crank up the heat. If your furnace, boiler, central heating system, or hot water heater has broken or if you just don’t want to risk breaking your heating system with because of the strain, then here are some tips for preparing homes for fall. These tips include miscellaneous house chores and changes we recommend that aren’t always in connection to your HVAC system. Read More

What is HVAC?

Every home and place of business can’t function without proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). HVAC is important in keeping a building at a consistent temperature to allow optimum comfort, and in a place of business, it can help ensure productivity. No matter where an HVAC is installed, it is absolutely necessary. Every HVAC system must consist of certain inner-workings. There is the main system located outside that pulls in air for the system to cool or heat accordingly. After, the air passes through the coils which will either heat or cool the air before being distributed throughout your home. Finally, the air goes through the ducts throughout your home. These ducts could be considered the vascular system of your home. Read More

Maintenance Agreements

Comfort Pro, a Reading PA HVAC company, logo for air conditioning unit maintanence program.Comfort Pro’s PACT Maintenance Plan is a proactive and convenient way for you to budget your maintenance needs, while greatly limiting unpredictable and costly emergency situations. It is a fact that regularly maintained equipment equals improved efficiencies and less unpredictable breakdowns.[more…]