HVAC technician charging a heat pump with refrigerant

Common Heat Pump Problems

Geothermal heating has two main selling points:

  1. It has a much lighter strain on the environment than fossil fuel burning systems 
  2. It’s relatively maintenance free

It’s hard to argue against the first point as a series of loops underground that harness the constant temperature of the Earth and turn it into a sustainable way to heat your home is much better than most alternatives. The second fact, though, is debatable because although the tubes deep underground will likely never need servicing, there are some common heat pump problems that will be encountered over the years, particularly dealing with the above-ground portion.

Here are five common heat pump problems and how to fix them:

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maintenance engineer checking technical data of heating system

How to Choose a Heating System

With the brisk cold fronts on their way to sweeping across the country this winter, people are thinking more about adequate, cost-effective heating. Whether you need to replace an old, noisy home heating system or you want to upgrade to a more efficient form of energy, there are several factors that can help you decide how to stay warm and toasty.

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