HVAC unit covered with icicles on a yellow wall

The Snow’s Effect on Your HVAC System

For most of our customers, we have been successful in reiterating the extreme importance of interior HVAC care, specifically the changing of the air filters, switching to programmable thermostats, and getting the system inspected annually by a professional. Another thing we stress though is to never rest on your laurels when it comes to your heater and air-conditioner, specifically when it comes to the outside care of the HVAC unit. Specifically, snow and ice from the winter can have lasting effects well into the spring and summer.

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Installation of a ductless A/C system

Ductless HVAC Options for a Home or Business

Believe it or not one of the most devastating aspects of any commercial or residential HVAC system isn’t the compressor, condenser, blower motor, or any of the other moving parts; it’s the thing that does supposedly nothing – the duct system. Duct systems not only carry allergens, dander, and debris to every room in the house, they are also a huge reason for energy loss simply in the transfer of air, let alone leaks.

It’s not hard to see why many homes and businesses are weighing their options for a ductless HVAC system. Eliminating the path of heated or cooled air from where it is handled to where it is delivered produces fewer allergens while also reducing energy loss. With that said, here are some of the ductless HVAC options available for homes and businesses, whether they are building new or replacing existing components.

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HVAC technician charging a heat pump with refrigerant

Common Heat Pump Problems

Geothermal heating has two main selling points:

  1. It has a much lighter strain on the environment than fossil fuel burning systems 
  2. It’s relatively maintenance free

It’s hard to argue against the first point as a series of loops underground that harness the constant temperature of the Earth and turn it into a sustainable way to heat your home is much better than most alternatives. The second fact, though, is debatable because although the tubes deep underground will likely never need servicing, there are some common heat pump problems that will be encountered over the years, particularly dealing with the above-ground portion.

Here are five common heat pump problems and how to fix them:

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maintenance engineer checking technical data of heating system

How to Choose a Heating System

With the brisk cold fronts on their way to sweeping across the country this winter, people are thinking more about adequate, cost-effective heating. Whether you need to replace an old, noisy home heating system or you want to upgrade to a more efficient form of energy, there are several factors that can help you decide how to stay warm and toasty.

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