Snow covered house representing winter and how to save money on your electric bill in the winter.

How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill in the Winter

We have all been there: no heat in the dead of winter; or no air conditioning in the boiling heat. This winter we’ve seen a few storms already and the season isn’t over yet. Between the ice, snow, and freezing rain, there are numerous reasons to run your heating system. In order to keep yourself comfortable, you may run your heating systems at the max to keep your home at a constant temperature; however, there are a few things you can do to save money on your energy bill. So we’ve compiled some tips on how to save money on your electric bill in the winter. Read More

Types of Heating Systems – Which is Best?

In order to stay warm during cold winter nights, your heating system has to run practically non-stop. Some heating systems will run harder than others merely to keep up with the temperature changes while others take much less energy to operate. Depending on your heating system you may find a significant change in price, energy efficiency, and comfort levels in your home. A heating system may also have a significant impact on the environment. A good portion of our customers who are looking to install or replace their current heating system want to know what the best type of heating system is. The answer is entirely up to you because it depends on your preference, but let us help you choose one. Before that we have to learn about the various types of heating systems. Read More